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the industry's best solution for controlling the wide use of USB mass storage devices that can detect unauthorized USB drive usage, allow or block their use, monitor all activity to/from the USB MSD and provide reports of all of the device activities.

Our patented PlzMayI agent for Windows(tm) desktops can either be a standalone product or used with our Virtual Appliance Server.

Truely Seamless integration with exisiting IT management infrastucture, policies, and operations - preserving the investment in systems and training
No Need to reconfigure exisiting equipment or deploy new equipment. Just add this Virtual Machine to your VM server. VMWare and VirtualBox servers are supported.
The PlzMayI agent has a small client footprint on your client desktops, providing USB mass storage device (MSD) control, USB event monitoring and USB event reporting 
Real time monitoring that provides a forensic record of the use of USB (MSD) devices within the Enterprise
Assists with SOX, HIPAA, and other compliance management challenges
Immediate Improvement in data leak monitoring and protection from BYODs, intrusion detection and policy management
- Auto Discovery - A Virtual Machine
- Network Monitoring - USB event monitoring
- Application Monitoring - USB event reporting
- Annual Updates - only 512MB RAM
- Syslog and ODBC - 2 Ethernet ports
- Powerful Scripting  
- Integrated Trouble Ticketing
- Intrusion Detection
- Report Generator
- Real-time and Historical Reporting/Graphing

PlzMayI VM DataServer with PlzMayI agent, the only product that combines and integrates all the essential functions for the protection of data, management of networks large and small. Built on world-class open standard network management tools with our United States patented (US 8,788,723) PlzMayI Windows desktop agent to provide USB mass storage device control, monitoring and reporting.

Windows 8

The PlzMayI Windows desktop agent provides the easiest way to control usage, monitoring and reporting of USB mass storage devices.

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