Who is taking this data?

Worried about your personal data being taken from your computer?

Our patented PlzMayI agent for Windows(tm) can monitor,alert, prevent and log all USB mass storage devices being used in your computer and what is being taken.

Assess your network threat
Monitor USB storage devices
Challenge the use of each device
Prevent the use of USB storage devices
Make USB storage devices READ ONLY
Track all data to/from USB devices

Dashboard of current and past USB events

Who is walking away with your Data?
- Monitor in Stealth mode
- USB monitoring to Eventlog and ODBC export
- USB mass storage Intrusion Detection
-  Analytics Report Generation
- Real-time and Historical analytics
- Annual support available

Comodo Secure

PlzMayI patented technology.

PlzMayI Windows desktop agent to provide USB mass storage device control, monitoring and reporting.

Windows 8

The PlzMayI Windows desktop agent provides the easiest way to control usage, monitoring and reporting of USB mass storage devices.

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