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The SoftShadowSecurity Business Partner Program is created to permit our partners to offer the unique PlzMayI USB port monitoring and the break through $3599 PlzMayI network monitoring appliance and new USB monitoring ability to your customers. By combining this extremely competitive products with your core services or products you can quickly create greater value for your customers.

SoftShadowSecurity's partner PlzMayI & PlzMayI appliance provides the easiest to use and install network & security monitoring solution available in the industry.

Large accounts will want our unique PlzMayI for monitoring the USB port - as there is no other solution.

Normally, installing network management software is a long and complicated process which would require specialized training and attention from your staf. By utilizing SoftShadowSecurity's partner PlzMayI PlzMayI appliance a customer can can install it in hours.

Networks are the lifeline of most companies and if they go down employees, customers and suppliers can't communicate with each other, creating havoc and damaging brand equity. SoftShadowSecurity's PlzMayI web-based output data is in an easy to use format that can be used to optimize enterprise networks, thereby saving time, effort and money for the company.

Security concerns are high on every company list, especially as it relates to their network. NetworksAOk IDS and PlzMayI address these issues seperately. PlzMayI is the only tool that tracks USBPort usage. Signup to sell these great new products.


As SoftShadowSecurity Business Partners, you need only sell and install SoftShadowSecurity's unique PlzMayI PlzMayI appliance. PlzMayI takes care of the rest! We provide all the necessary material, including a web-based demo, to close a sale. The appliance uses auto discovery to make it plug and play.

If the customer needs additional services, you can provide Installation, Training, Problem Diagnosis, and Fix assistance. As a member of this program, we will also provide continuing access to our technical and sales assistance programs. Benefits of partnering with us are:

  • Additional value to your customers
  • Synergy with your sales process
  • A simple pricing/marketing model
  • Quick installation
  • A fast way to increase the breadth of your services

PlzMayI provides

Have any questions or need further information about the our Business Partner Program, please e-mail us at sales@SoftShadowSecurity.com or call us at: 603.380.6178.

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