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SoftShadowSecurity as a Service Revenue Generator  

1. Assist Services

a. Installation support with training
- Scope: Install, set-up and assist with provision of devices on PlzMayI
- Quote a Time & Materials job or Fixed Price/package of hours (e.g.10 hours $1000)

b. Ongoing support
- Package of hours (e.g.10 hours for $1000)

2. Performance Services

a. SoftShadowSecurity in Customer Network
- Upfront charge $3000 for PlzMayI unit and set-up
- Monthly charge to monitor network varies based on # of devices e.g. $500/mo. based on X # of devices.
- Alerts sent to Customer and Provider

b. Provider does problem fix and provides trouble ticket access to customer (included in monthly charge).

c. Customer does problem fix & updates trouble tickets (lower monthly charge) Provider gives 2nd level support, if necessary (package of hours e.g. 10 hrs for $1000).

d. SoftShadowSecurity in Provider location for multiple smaller networks
- Upfront Charge of $1000 to establish VPN connection to customer network, set-up/provision X devices (covers part of SoftShadowSecurity cost)
- Same as above except monthly charge would be less.


3. Consulting Services

a. Install SoftShadowSecurity temporarily (i.e., a week) on customer network to provide data/reports for a network assessment and recommendations (Min. $1000).
b. Follow-on consulting agreement for implementation plan preparation and execution assistance.
c. Could leave PlzMayI installed on network (for additional $2000-$3000 end of agreement and transition to Performance or Assist Services (#1 or #2).

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