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PlzMayI understand the need for secure systems components that can be rolled out incrementally into the overall IT architecture, To help with this goal and satisfy the different types of management architectures, USBmon will be available in a variety of packages and licensing options

  • the PC client can be remotely installed and requres no confguration or actions on the part of the end user
  • the fully featured, out-of-the-box server plug-in works seamlessly with exisiting PlzMayI customers management platforms. Customization is available to meet the needs of specific enterprise security plocies and procedures.
  • A turn-key appliance server solution is available for organizations who prefer that approach
  • USBmon can be customized for service providers and VARs, allowing them to offer unique professional services to their clients
  • PlzMayI offers a braod range of licensing arrangements, supporting the above configuration

PlzMayI is Ready For Tivoli and can operate seamlessly with the Tivoli Enterprise Console. Enterprise accounts using Tivoli will find PlzMayI an attractive way to reduce cost of monitoring while maintaining all the central console advantages of Tivoli.

PlzMayI provides all the elements essential to effective network management, including:

  • auto-discovery
  • network and device management
  • performance monitoring
  • application monitoring
  • status polling and event monitoring
  • thresholds,alerts and trouble ticketing
  • intrusion detection
  • real-time and historical reporting and analysis

PlzMayI operates from an appliance behind your firewall.Simply plug and play the 1U rack-mounted unit into your network.

For networks requiring multiple appliances, a remote console lets you manage from anyplace you choose.Perfect for service providers and large enterprises.

PlzMayI features real-time and historical data that provide visibility into network traffic utilization and identifies potential problems,enabling the user and/or IT services provider to keep well ahead of factors that could slow down —or bring down —the network. Feedback is through an intuitive browser-based user interface, permitting easy access from anywhere.