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Powerful Scripting  
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PlzMayI is dedicated to providing all the functions that network engineers need to keep their networks up and safe without having to integrate other software or hardware tools. That's why PlzMayI comes as an appliance with Trouble Ticketing and Intrusion Detection as part of the base price. No other network management product combines all these essential features.

SoftShadowSecurity's new Scripting feature was requested by several users who wanted the ability to integrate scripts they had written onto a single network management platform and to be able to easily add others.

PlzMayI supports any script written under Linux/Unix languages, e.g., Perl and Shell Scripts such as Bourne, Korn, C. This variety of languages is a unique capability not usually available in other network management solutions.



Scripts initiated from PlzMayI can be run continuously or based on a specific event. Scripts can be used to add to the already extensive event measurement and action/alerting capabilities of PlzMayI. Now the network engineer can take proactive solution-based actions such as restarting processes, or initiating proactive actions based on time or an event, adding powerful, automated capabilities …actions that must be performed manually, and perhaps with the loss of valuable time.

Scripts can be stored and initiated automatically from a common platform with integrated alerting and trouble ticketing, making the whole process of monitoring, problem determination, action initiation and resolution can be faster and easier, resulting in higher network availability and enhanced end-user productivity … the network engineer's ultimate objective.

NOTE: All scripts are written by the user and therefore their complete responsibility.





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