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The Problem - USB Media Security

Today's enterprises face increasing risks surrounding the loss of sensitive data. Government regulations now typically mandate that any organization that compiles consumer information, health records, or sensitive intellectual property must have adequate safeguards against data theft and loss. Deficiencies in data security are not acceptable.USB is said to be the most successful computer interface in the history of the personal computer -- virtually all PCs manufactured today support this feature. But its very appeal is a serious source of abuse. These devices can be easily brought in and out of otherwise secure premises, and they can be "silently" inserted, receive sensitive data and then removed from a PC with absolutely no record of that any actions have taken place. For the security conscious organization, this challenge is intensified by technology advancements in the USB storage industry, mobile phones, USB mass storage devices, MP3 personal entertainment devices and more flood corporations with an unmanageable situation. Not only are these devices becoming more and more miniaturized, the storage capacity of these devices is rapidly increasing. Many of these popular devices are now capable of storing gigabytes of data. Imagine gigabytes of data leaving your company everyday . . . .with out your knowledge. . .

The solution - PlzMayI™

SoftShadowSecurity's partner PlzMayI™ fills the gap in USB security management. Anybusiness or person with proprietary, sensitive, or valuable informationcannot ignore the risk associated with the global proliferation of USBdevices. Attention to this vulnerability extends to systems whereinappropriate material -- such as viruses, unauthorized software, orentertainment content -- should not be introduced. PlzMayI™ provides themeans to both assess the risk to the enterprise as well as deliver the longterm solution. PlzMayI gives control back to the security and IT administrators.What is PlzMayI™?PlzMayI™ is available as a Microsoft Windows™ based application, usinga "thin" PC client and SoftShadowSecurity's open server architecture. The PC clientsenses USB activity, records events locally, and/or reports these events tothe appliance server. Out-of-the-box PlzMayI™ activity reports can be generated from the event data collected. In summary, PlzMayI™ features enable Security and IT managers to:·

  • Monitor & Report all USB media intrusions on corporate PC's
  • Interrupt and terminate USB user sessions based on policy
  • Detect & Report what corporate files have been removed, by who
  • Send Real-Time event notification for USB (Port Inserts, file copies and Port Removals) to Security or IT administrator
  • Baseline and quantify existing corporations threat